> Valentin Nechayev wrote:
> > 
> >  Sun, May 20, 2001 at 19:53:29, barry (Barry Lustig) wrote about "Boot time memory 
> > 
> > Do verbose boot (`boot -v') with large SC_HISTORY_SIZE (1000 at least,
> > 2000 at most), and after boot check for "SMAP ..." lines at the very
> > beginning of the kernel boot log at /dev/console. (They are not written
> > to log viewable with dmesg.) Another way is to use serial console.
> > With this SMAP lines one can say more concrete diagnosis.
> Here are the SMAP lines:
> SMAP type=01 base=00000000 00000000 len=00000000 0009f800
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000 0009f800 len=00000000 00000800
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000 000e8400 len=00000000 00017c00
> SMAP type=01 base=00000000 00100000 len=00000000 13ef0000
> SMAP type=03 base=00000000 13ff0000 len=00000000 0000f800
> SMAP type=04 base=00000000 13fff800 len=00000000 00000800
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000 fff80000 len=00000000 00080000
> Too many holes in the physical address space, giving up

Can you try changing the declaration of phys_avail at the top of
sys/i386/i386/machdep.c from:

vm_offset_t phys_avail[10];


vm_offset_t phys_avail[100];

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