On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 11:11:16PM +0000, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Here is a patch I have locally that would be useful for Bill Paul,
> I think.  I know, we could use "flag0" for this, but it seems to
> me that this will be an increasingly common option in hadware.

Should this be implemented as a shared option like this?  I ask because
NetBSD has added the following types and only has one shared option

#define IFM_FLOW        0x00400000        /* enable hardware flow control */
#define IFM_FLAG0       0x01000000        /* Driver defined flag */
#define IFM_FLAG1       0x02000000        /* Driver defined flag */
#define IFM_FLAG2       0x04000000        /* Driver defined flag */
#define IFM_LOOP        0x08000000        /* Put hardware in loopback */

Personaly I don't think I would have wasted 3/8th of the shared options
on the abomination known as flags...

-- Brooks

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