On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 01:59:57AM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Personaly I don't think I would have wasted 3/8th of the
> > shared options on the abomination known as flags...
> Flags can be device private, which can be a good thing.

That's true.

> I only use the patch because I know of no Gigabit ethernet
> cards that are useful which can not perform checksum
> offloading.
> Maybe it should just always be on... I thought there was a
> problem with performance, doing that with the Tigon II.
> In any case, it seems to be a tradeoff that you might want
> to make intentionally, if your main processor was 1.5GHz...

I think this is a good idea, I just quiestioned using the last remaining
shared option (at least relative to NetBSD) for it.  How about using
one of the eight unused ethernet options instead?  Arguably it should
be a shared option, but realisticly Token Ring and FDDI aren't going to
support it any time soon and there's little point with 802.11.  The other
option is of course to just go ahead and use the last free slot and
figure if_media will need a redesign one of these days regardless.

-- Brooks

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