clemensF wrote:
> i'm having trouble upgrading my freebsd 4.  it was frequently patched due
> to troubles with poll(2) and ipfilter.  a few days ago i cvsup'ed to tag=.,

        That would have brought your sources to 5-Current, not 4-Stable.

> but the build failed at various stages. 

        That would be expected.

> my gaol at the beginning was only
> to upgrade for reconfiguring the kernel,

        FreeBSD isn't linux, we don't do "kernel only" updates. You should really
spend some time reading the FreeBSD Handbook on the web, especially the
sections about updating your system.

        Meanwhile, your best bet is probably to install a -stable snapshot. That
should get you the updates you need, and bring your system to the point
where you will be able to do complete source upgrades again. Take a look at

Good luck,

    I need someone really bad. Are you really bad?

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