i'm having trouble upgrading my freebsd 4.  it was frequently patched due
to troubles with poll(2) and ipfilter.  a few days ago i cvsup'ed to tag=.,
but the build failed at various stages.  my gaol at the beginning was only
to upgrade for reconfiguring the kernel, as i will be getting DSL soon and
needed a few network twists, but when each and every attempt to get a
kernel build failed i went for a make world.

now i went back to RELENG_4, but the system seems to be a mess, i get too
many errors.  i'd be willing to merge the kernel changes later and doing it
manually, but at present i've got the complete RELENG_4 sources in a vergin
state right after cvsup(?), and the builds fail miserably.  the errors and
the local modification dates on the files seem to indicate that cvsup did
not install the latest headers.

where do i start the build, ie. which targets must be done before
buildworld to have it start in a known state?

clemens fischer

ps:  please Cc: me, i'm not on the list.  thanks.

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