> I recently purchased a new Toshiba Satellite 2805 laptop, and I'm
> trying to install -current on it =) When I tried to install from the
> -current snapshots they all would lockup just after 'pcib0: ...' was
> printed. So I tried a 4-stable snapshot and that worked
> perfectly. However, I'm now trying to upgrade to -current, but it
> still locks up in the kernel when trying to initialize the pci
> bus. The following are the last lines of a verbose boot just before
> it locks up:
> pcib0: <Intel 82443BX (440 BX) host to PCI bridge> at pcibus 0 on
> motherboard
> pci0: physical bus=0
>       map[10]: type 3, range 32, base e00000000, size 27, enabled
> found-> vendor=0x8086, dev=0x7190, revid=0x03
>       bus=0, slot=0, func=0
>       class=06-00-00, hdrtype=0x00, mfdev=0
> ( Then three more devices it finds, and then this is the last one:
> found-> vendor=0x8086, dev=0x7112, revid=0x01
>       bus=0, slot=5, func=2
>       class=0c-03-00, hdrtype=0x00, mfdev=0
>       intpin=d, irq=11
> When looking at pciconf this last device is my USB UHCI controller,
> but I don't have it in my kernel:
> uhci0@pci0:5:2: class=0x0c0300 card=0x00000000 chip=0x71128086
> rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
> Now, when I recompile the kernel without `device pci' it boots fine
> without any lockups. Is anyone else having similar problems? I looked
> through the archives but couldn't find anyone else with similar
> problems. It looks like it's been broken for awhile as I tried current
> snapshots back to March 1, and they all locked up at the same
> place. I'll be glad to try any patches to try and get this working.

You could try disabling the PCI BIOS calls; 

set machdep.bios.pci=disable

at the loader prompt.  Let me know if this helps; I'd want to track this 
further if it does.


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