> I had this problem after I enabled the '4092-cylinder limit' jumper on my
> Maxtor drive, because my BIOS (at that point) hung with a drive over 4092
> cylinders.  I flashed the BIOS afterwards, but forgot about the jumper,
> because windows/linux both (somehow) saw the full geometry of the drive.
> FreeBSD only saw 2014MB until I removed the jumper.  Perhaps your drive has
> a similar jumper? check the manual.
Thank you David for the tip. None the less, has this issue witht he driver 
been addressed? The driver should not bother about that, because the Hard 
disk reporst the correct size back. On the other, my drive does not have such 
a jumper, I just checked, so I am really at my wits ends.

Thank you _very_ much for your help though, after about238623946 flames and 
23862394 stupid replys yours is very nicely detailed...thank you.

> > ad2 29314 MB <IBM DTLA-307030> [5956/16/63 at at-1-master UDMA100
> 29314 * 1024 * 1024 bytes (i.e. 2914 megabytes)
> == 30736 * 1000 * 1000 bytes (i.e. 2914 million bytes)
> Its something harddrive manufacturers do to make their drives look
> bigger...
YEs, I just realized that after doing the right calculation:
3736 cylinders  of 16065 * 512 bytes 
I am not a hardware guru ;)

Thank you.

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