On Thu, 31 May 2001, Darian Lanx wrote:
> > I had this problem after I enabled the '4092-cylinder limit' jumper on my
> > Maxtor drive, because my BIOS (at that point) hung with a drive over 4092
> > cylinders.  I flashed the BIOS afterwards, but forgot about the jumper,
> > because windows/linux both (somehow) saw the full geometry of the drive.
> > FreeBSD only saw 2014MB until I removed the jumper.  Perhaps your drive has
> > a similar jumper? check the manual.
> Thank you David for the tip. None the less, has this issue witht he driver 
> been addressed? The driver should not bother about that, because the Hard 
> disk reporst the correct size back. On the other, my drive does not have such 
> a jumper, I just checked, so I am really at my wits ends.

I'm not a hardware guru either, and I know very little about the internals
of FreeBSD's IDE drivers, so I'm not sure how windows/linux are detecting
the correct geometry, and FreeBSD isn't...

Unfortunately, if your drive doesn't have a jumper like that, I've no idea
what could be wrong...

David Taylor

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