If memory serves me right, David Wolfskill wrote:

> >Someone should test and commit Tor's patch.  I didn't have time to
> >check whether it fixed the problems before I left (and I'm sure as
> >hell not going to update back to -current remotely to check myself :-)
> FWIW, I applied that patch to the -CURRENT side of my laptop a couple
> of days ago.  Since then, I've been able to do my daily -CURRENT builds
> in multi-user mode, within an X environment, using -j4 on the "make
> buildworld" step.

I did the patch on one of my scratch boxes, and it's allowed me to do 
"make release" without the machine dying mid-way through.  (i386, UP, 
GENERIC kernel, softupdates enabled on all filesystems except /, 
multi-user, no X).

There was a bit of discussion when I reported this apparent progress to
-current last week (look for a thread entitled "freelist corruption:
more info").


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