Hi -current && -alpha,

        If you run -CURRENT on multiprocessor alpha, please
please please read this! :-)

        The final version (or next to final, depending on how
this final testing stage goes) of the new mbuf allocator which
I have been working on for the past 1.5 months and which I've
already mentionned on -arch is now ready.
        I plan to commit the new bits within the next week.
However, as is usually the case with commits of this magnitude,
I'd like a few more tests to be run by a few more people.
I've been testing the allocator myself (in several different
ways, mainly resource exhaustion simulations) for the past
couple of weeks and have been able to catch and fix a couple
of bugs.
        Also, jake, jlemon, and Silby (Mike Silbersack) have
provided me with some reviews, all of which have been integrated
into the latest version of the patch (below).

        The latest version of the "mb_alloc" code, applying
to -CURRENT as of 5 minutes ago can be found here:


        People who have the following hardware are needed to help
test the patch:

  1- UP -CURRENT systems (Intel && Alpha)
  2- SMP -CURRENT systems (Intel)
  3- SMP -CURRENT systems (Alpha) *** Especially important ***
     who are *not* using the if_vx.c driver [*]

[*] The if_vx.c driver is broken for the Alpha, and is marked so
    by this patch. Before committing this, I plan to first fix
    the driver but, obviously, for now, if you are
    using if_vx, you won't be able to help with testing. :-(

        To test the patch: apply, build, reboot, do network-related
things, check stats with `netstat -m', etc.

For those looking at the code:

        Finally, a few things should be noted about the code
itself (if you're just helping test, feel free to skip this

 - I disabled mbtypes[] related statistics _FOR NOW_. This is
   because if I were to presently enable them, I wouldn't be
   able to consistently update them (unless I do it atomic()ally,
   which is not so good for overall performance). I plan to
   re-enable them later on, but would prefer to wait and
   go over them (perhaps clean them up - add/remove types as
   needed - many are if 0'd anyway) rather than rush and waste
   time doing it now.

 - The patch is big. sys/mbuf.h includes need to also #include
   <sys/malloc.h> _BEFORE_ because sys/mbuf.h requires
   MALLOC_DECLARE() to be defined. 

 - counters for m_ext objects are now all malloc()ed. This will
   likely eventually change for what concerns clusters (I am
   looking at storing the cluster counter in the cluster 2
   region itself). For other object types, I plan to leave
   malloc() as the standard allocator for the counters, seeing
   as how the external objects are not allocated in a PCPU
   fashion anyway.

        That's it! This patch also sets up the way to more
mbuf-related cleanups (i.e. obvious ones like merging uipc_mbuf.c
code with uipc_mbuf2.c code, and ridding ourselves of the latter,
etc.). It also moves a bundle of mbuf related things out of
sys/conf/param.c and into subr_mbuf.c, where they will now
belong. :-)

Best Regards and PLEASE help test (especially if you have alpha
 Bosko Milekic

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