On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Richard Tobin wrote:

> > P>    The string pointed to by path1 shall be treated only as a character
> > P>    string and shall not be validated as a pathname.
> I have heard on several occasions of peope using symlink(2) to
> atomically store some small piece of information for locking purposes.
> (Symlink was more reliably atomic over NFS than other methods.)  So it
> is possible that changing this might break something.

Yes.  /etc/malloc.conf is another example (for non-locking purposes).

Here's an example of a complication: what is the semantics of /tmp/foo/bar
where foo is a symlink to ""?  I think the pathname resolves to
/tmp//bar and then to /tmp/bar, but this is surprising since foo doesn't
point anywhere.  Similarly, /tmp/bar/foo resolves to /tmp/bar/ and then
to /tmp/bar (/tmp/bar must be a directory to get that far).


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