>Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 23:33:07 +1000 (EST)
>From: Bruce Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> I have heard on several occasions of peope using symlink(2) to
>> atomically store some small piece of information for locking purposes.
>> (Symlink was more reliably atomic over NFS than other methods.)  So it
>> is possible that changing this might break something.

>Yes.  /etc/malloc.conf is another example (for non-locking purposes).

And another:

dhcp-133[1] ls -l .netscape/lock 
lrwxrwxr-x  1 david  wheel  13 Jun 15 06:40 .netscape/lock ->

david (making no claims about what is "good practice", here)
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As a computing professional, I believe it would be unethical for me to
advise, recommend, or support the use (save possibly for personal
amusement) of any product that is or depends on any Microsoft product.

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