In message <006501c0fa71$7fa71a40$0504020a@haveblue> "Cameron Grant" writes:
: while i've not tested either of these chips for a while (lack of slots,
: anyone know of a motherboard with ~20 pci and ~10 isa slots?) i can't think
: of any changes that might cause this except possibly the introduction of
: INTR_TYPE_AV - and then only if you're using modules and your modules are
: built from newer source than your kernel.

We use 15 ISA slot passive backplanes at work.  But we make them
ourselves.  I have seen these in industrial control catalogs in the

The most PCI slots I've seen is 7.  I take that back, I did once see a 
specialized motherboard with 4 or 5 PCI buses, each with 4 slots.  But 
that was made my a different company for its own private use.
Something to do with data gathering or signal replication.  I'm not
completely sure.


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