Quoting Mike Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

| > I'm running current and get the following error in dmesg while trying to
| > enable the minipci.  This is a HP n5470 laptop.
| > 
| > dc0: <Accton EN2242 MiniPCI 10/100BaseTX> irq 11 at device 16.0 on pci0
| > dc0: failed to enable I/O ports!
| > device_probe_and_attach: dc0 attach returned 6
| > 
| > It is sharing irq 11 with the cardbus bridge.  As I understand this
| sharing
| > should work but I have my doubts.
| This has nothing to do with interupts; as the error message *clearly* 
| states, the problem is I/O ports.  If you can change the "PnP OS" option 
| in your BIOS setup, you should turn it "off".  The problem is that your 
| BIOS isn't setting up the PCI device.

Thanks, Mike.  That is normally the first thing I do with a new laptop 
installation.  My surprise was that this BIOS almost doesn't let you
change anything and PnP isn't even mentioned.:-(

<cut >
| If you can't turn the "PnP OS" option off, you're stuck until we finish 
| PCI resource assignment in 5.x.

Sounds like that is the only option that I have.

Thanks, Mike.


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