At 10:05 AM -0400 7/1/01, Mike Heffner wrote:
>It works for me ;) Remember that the new default is:
>   /sys/${MACHINEARCH}/compile/${KERNCONF}
>On 01-Jul-2001 Takeshi Ken Yamada wrote:
>|   The same here, but 'config -d /sys/compile/GENERIC GENERIC'
>| did what it is supposed to do.
>|   Is this a new specification of 'config', or bug?
>| From: Michael Harnois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>| Subject: can't build kernel: config doesn't work
>| mdharnois> Truly bizarre. Running config does nothing, although it generates
>| the
>| mdharnois> usual messages. I tried deleting my kernel object directory after
>| an
>| mdharnois> odd failure; ran config again, it didn't even recreate the
>| directory.
>| mdharnois>

Right, there is a new compile directory. Perhaps this needs to be 
added to UPDATING. Anyway, did you run "cvs update -dP" on your cvs 
tree? Or just do mkdir on the new path mentioned above.


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