Alfred Perlstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

} * Patrick Hartling <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010630 14:04] wrote:
} > I just got two new hard drives, and I am preparing to set them up to do
} > RAID-1 with Vinum.  A few weeks ago (around the time that use of DEVFS
} > became the default in -current), I saw a message saying that Vinum was
} > not yet ready for use with DEVFS.  Is that still the case?
} I fixed that. :)  Let me and Grog know if you have problems.

Everything seems to be okay with the vinum device node creation, but I
am having problems with my vinum configuration.  I basically copied this
from an example in the online documentation (which is also in the
vinum(8) manpage);

drive da3e device /dev/da3s1e
drive da4e device /dev/da4s1e
volume mirror
  plex org concat
    sd length 12g drive da3e
  plex org concat
    sd length 12g drive da4e

When I do 'vinum create', I get the following:

   1: drive da3e device /dev/da3s1e
** 1 : Invalid argument
   2: drive da4e device /dev/da4s1e
** 2 : Invalid argument
   3: volume mirror
   4:   plex org concat
   5:     sd length 12g drive da3e
   6:   plex org concat
   7:     sd length 12g drive da4e

Which one is the invalid argument, and why is it invalid?  Is there some
caveat I have missed?


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