Here's some experience with ACPI. It does work (which is good :-) but for
some reason it turns off computer (always from under X) at rather low
temperatures with emergency shutdown. How could I debug ACPI to provide
more details?

Vladimir Kushnir - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Mike Smith wrote:

> This is just a heads-up to let folks know that I've committed some early
> code to handle thermal management under ACPI.  This should DTRT with
> active cooling (fans, etc.).  It won't help with passive cooling yet (we
> need to sort out the processor device control first), and it may well
> have problems (there are places where the specification is vague about
> what should be in the namespace and my ability to test these options is
> limited).
> Testing and feedback would be welcome.  I'll try to get the new ACPI CA
> stuff merged tomorrow, unless there are too many people bugging me at
> Usenix. 8)
> Regards,
> Mike

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