In the last episode (Jul 05), Benjamin P. Grubin said:
> As of a month ago or so, there was some discussion that concluded it
> was unsafe to enable softupdates on a root partition.  Is it safe to
> go back in the water there, now?

The 2 drawbacks with SU are

1 - You can't immediately reuse the space occupied by a file you just
    deleted; this may bite you if you do an installworld and don't have
    20MB free on /.  when it comes to installing /sbin, you need 18MB
    for the new binaries, but you can't reuse the 18MB for the
    just-deleted binaries.

2 - If you create a file, SU doesn't commit it immediately; it waits a
    bit.  If you edit rc.conf and crash (or reboot by power-cycling),
    you may find you don't have an rc.conf.

Both have happened to me enough times that I don't enable SU on /
anymore :)

        Dan Nelson

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