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>>I just committed Binutils 2.11.2.  Please let me know if this helps or
>  Thank you! But there remain a problem about gas+ld. Linking bug.C
>(Message-Id: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) results error

  It was "asm()" error. The fix of bug.C is:

--- bug.C-      Wed Jun 27 01:52:42 2001
+++ bug.C       Mon Jul  9 07:16:28 2001
@@ -34,16 +34,16 @@
        for(i=0;i<4;i++)        printf("%f,",B[i]);
-       asm("movaps (%0),%%xmm0"                                //SSE
+       asm("movaps %0,%%xmm0"                                  //SSE
-       :"g"(A));
-       asm("movaps (%0),%%xmm1"                                //SSE
+       :"g"(*A));
+       asm("movaps %0,%%xmm1"                                  //SSE
-       :"g"(B));
+       :"g"(*B));
        asm("addps %xmm1,%xmm0");                               //SSE
 //     asm("mulps %xmm1,%xmm0");                               //SSE
-       asm("movaps %%xmm0,%0":"=g"(C));                        //SSE
+       asm("movaps %%xmm0,%0":"=g"(*C));                       //SSE
        printf("float C=(");
        for(i=0;i<4;i++)        printf("%f,",C[i]);

  Thank you very much. > [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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