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>> It seems that there is a bug in the GNU ld(1) in -CURRENT. Currently it can't
>> link SDL library from ports/devel/sdl12 port (confirmed by bento). When I'm
>> replacing /usr/libexec/elf/ld with the corresponding file from my 4.3-STABLE
>> system the problem disappears. Please check what's wrong or pass this report
>> to the toolchain developers. Attached please find relevant log with backtrace.
> It seems to be a problem with nasm. I've the same problem with lame
> (3.89alpha), same backtrace.

Oops. I wanted to say: Every software which has a problem with ld
dumping core uses nasm (so far). The core dump is a bug in ld, but I
didn't know if the condition which triggers the core dump is a problem
with nasm, the input of nasm, or a bug in ld.


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