John Baldwin wrote:
> One other note.  #2 is conceptually a related group of
> #4's, so I think it's name should reflect that.  (It's
> view as a group of #4's is more important than as being
> a part of #1.)  So, if you go with lwp (yuck) for #4, #2
> should be lwpgrp or some such.  I still think lwp's
> overloaded nomenclature is a reason to stay away from it.
> *shrug*

I agree.  SunOS 4.1.3 had a "liblwp", which was basically
a user space threading library.

Solaris/SVR4 pushes this into the kernel because of SMP
scaling (if the only tool you have is threads, everything
looks like it's "solved" by threads).

-- Terry

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