John Baldwin wrote:
> >#3    struct upctx (upcall-context), virtcpu, thrdslot (thread slot)
> >#4    struct lwp    (decided)
> >
> > usually the 'lwp' will be passed around so diffs to NetBSD will be
> > minimalised.
> One thing to note is that as Vahalia (sp?) points out, lwp
> on SVR4 and Solaris is actually #3 (a virtual CPU) where as
> lwp on SunOS is a user-thread.  Unfortunately, I think by
> using overloaded terms you are going to confuse people who
> come into the project from different backgrounds.  I would
> try and stay with non-ambiguous names if possible.

Virtual CPUs are a very bad idea.

The main reason SVR4 and Solaris threading didn't scale
well from day one is the "virtual CPU" approach.

-- Terry

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