>>> Well, can someone  comment on the useability of gdbm?  I know, it has
>>> dbm and  ndbm compatibility  "mode" and  a less  restrictive license.
>>> Should we switch over to it?
>> This isn't necessary.  The *current* FreeBSD libc  Berkeley DB sources
>> are completely safe -- they're under a UC Regents copyright notice.
> Well, but there are  programming bugs in it, as was  pointed out in this
> thread. Unless FreeBSD  wants to maintain its own db,  we need to select
> someone else's.  DB3 --  despite its  technical merits  -- does  not fit
> because  of restrictive  licensing.  gdbm's license  is  not ideal,  but
> acceptable -- so I'm inquiring about its technical merits...

Technically gdbm is fine.  I doubt you'll be able to displace
Berkeley DB, though; gdbm is less buggy, but doesn't offer many
of the features, nor does it offer equivalent performance.

> I'd welcome your comments in particular,  since you are an expert in the
> field and there is not going to be a conflict of interest.

Actually, I'm pretty biased. :-)  I'd like to see Berkeley DB
1.85 go away for a lot of reasons -- I don't much care what
it's replaced with.

>> This  discussion  is only  regarding  the  possibility of  making  the
>> Berkeley DB 3.X  functionality available to the  FreeBSD community and
>> its customers.
> Well, it  started out discussing  the next  release of nvi  and promptly
> concluded, that it would require upgrading  dbm. So, now the issue is --
> which db to pick: the currently used (buggy), the DB3 (too restrictive a
> license, IMO), gdbm, or something else (Net or OpenBSD's?).

Nvi won't require upgrading the library's dbm support.  Berkeley
DB 3.X supports inclusion of multiple DB versions in a single
application.  Nvi's simple solution is to include a copy of DB in
the nvi distribution.


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