> > David - this conversation is not productive, and you're not helping 
> > anyone, including yourself, going off like this.
> Care to address Alfred's going off also?

Since it's your incessant carping that's the source of this shameful 
little flamwar, no.

> > Please tone it down, ok?
> Fine, if you'd rather address me rather than the problem that the Alpha
> isn't usable right now

I have nothing to say on that issue.  I do, however, consider your 
behaviour entirely unappropriate for this forum.

Yelling at people won't solve the problem, nor will trying to hold the
project to ransom.  These are things that you need to take into

... every activity meets with opposition, everyone who acts has his
rivals and unfortunately opponents also.  But not because people want
to be opponents, rather because the tasks and relationships force
people to take different points of view.  [Dr. Fritz Todt]
           V I C T O R Y   N O T   V E N G E A N C E

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