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> > > So, I took a SCSi disk away. Diskcheckd started complaining. However,
> > > a camcontrol rescan couldn't make the disk go away until I killed off
> > > diskcheckd, which then closed the disk, allowing the rescan to remove it.
> > > Bad. Bad. Bad.
> > 
> > This may also have caused your disklabel problems.  The old label doesn't
> > go away until all minors on the device are closed, at least when you clobber
> > the label using the dd hack.
> In some situations it would be very useful to be able to tell the kernel
> "forget all you ever knew about disklabel X". Any good mechanisms to do
> this today (other than reboot)?

Nothing good, by the DIOCSYNCSLICEINFO ioctl tells the kernel to reread all
the slice and label info from the disk like it would after a reboot.  It
is used by libdisk (and thus mainly by sysinstall).  It has a force flag
that makes it attempt to work when minors other than the one needed to
do the ioctl (the one for the whole disk) are open.  I don't really trust
it when it is forced, but libdisk always forces it.


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