> On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Matthew Jacob wrote:
> > So, I took a SCSi disk away. Diskcheckd started complaining. However,
> > a camcontrol rescan couldn't make the disk go away until I killed off
> > diskcheckd, which then closed the disk, allowing the rescan to remove it.
> > Bad. Bad. Bad.
> This may also have caused your disklabel problems.  The old label doesn't
> go away until all minors on the device are closed, at least when you clobber
> the label using the dd hack.

Ummm..... maybe... I think on that system I had disabled disckcheckd, but it's
an excellent suggestion for me to check.

With respect to diskcheckd,  which in general is a neat tool to have around, I
think it might be better if it did:


rather than leaving a disk open anyway. The difference between problems with
an open as opposed to problems with a read are worth noting anyway.


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