On 23-Jul-01 Julian Elischer wrote:
> Why does the mutex not link blocked processes though the 
> sleep queue linked list entry? Why does it use the run queue entry?
> In KSEs the sleep queue and run queue enties go into different
> sub structures and ahve different types so this breaks...
> do I need to do something sleazy or can I just link them together using the
> equivalemt of the p_slpq entry?

You can block on a mutex when processing signals in the catch case in msleep()
after you have put the process on the sleep queue:

msleep(ident, mtx, priority, wmesg, timo)
        p->p_wchan = ident;
        p->p_wmesg = wmesg;
        p->p_slptime = 0;
        p->p_pri.pri_level = priority & PRIMASK;
        CTR5(KTR_PROC, "msleep: proc %p (pid %d, %s) on %s (%p)", p, p->p_pid,
            p->p_comm, wmesg, ident);
        TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(&slpque[LOOKUP(ident)], p, p_slpq);
         * We put ourselves on the sleep queue and start our timeout
         * before calling CURSIG, as we could stop there, and a wakeup
         * or a SIGCONT (or both) could occur while we were stopped.
         * A SIGCONT would cause us to be marked as SSLEEP
         * without resuming us, thus we must be ready for sleep
         * when CURSIG is called.  If the wakeup happens while we're
         * stopped, p->p_wchan will be 0 upon return from CURSIG.
        if (catch) {
                CTR3(KTR_PROC, "msleep caught: proc %p (pid %d, %s)", p,
                    p->p_pid, p->p_comm);
                p->p_sflag |= PS_SINTR;
                sig = CURSIG(p);

If that proc_lock blocks then we don't want to clobber the sleep queue.


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