On 22-Jul-01 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Interestingly, "sysctl -a -N" spits out names, but then seems to fall
>> into a rut:
> [....]
>> net.inet.udp.getcred
>> net.inet.accf.unloadable
>> net.inet.accf.373
>> net.inet.accf.373
>> net.inet.accf.373
> [....]
>> Looks as if it's looping with no termination conditions being matched.
> When I got the same problem on my -current machine today, I found that
> net.inet.accf and net.inet.raw had the same oid.


> The system booted normally after changing the start oid for
> dynamically assigned sysctl entries from 100 to 256.

Hmm, perhaps net.inet.* should be using OID_AUTO instead?  *shrug*

> - Tor Egge


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