Sorry to post to this forum, but I'm not getting any replies from -hackers
or -questions, and I've looked at the webpages on writing device drivers,
as well as several other drivers. Here's my problem/question/whatever...

I am writing a driver right now for the Hardware monitoring features of
the via686a and via686b south bridge chips. I have documentation and have
looked at the linux driver to see how things are done. My problem is that
I've got the chip probing, and I have the pci_read_config telling me that
my device needs a memory port (what's wierd is that I had to use the base
register value of the chip instead of PCIR_COMMAND in pci_read_config to
get it to tell me that it wanted me to set up a port instead of mem which
is 0x70) So I set up the regid as 0x10 (PCIR_MAPS) as outlined in the
webpage, and SYS_RES_IOPORT as I found in the pci driver for the es137x
sound chip. I've also tried several combinations. So far the only thing I
havn't tried is setting the regid to 0x10 (PCIR_MAPS) and using
SYS_RES_MEMORY instead of SYS_RES_IOPORT (all these combinations are for
use in bus_alloc_resource). The thing is everything I've tried fails to
work, so I can't attach my driver because it won't map the resources.

Can anyone suggest other things I could try to make this work right?


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