>You can stick the screen saver in a low priority kthread and achieve the same

As the screen saver accesses and uses syscons' internal structures and
facilities, its operation must be carefully coordinated with syscons.
Thus, putting the screen saver in a kthread will require major
restructuring in various parts of syscons.

It is much easier, at least to me, to just remove much of the KLD
screen saver support from syscons to the user-land, than to utilize
the kthread :-)

>You can use kldload or the loader with the -t 'foo' stuff to load configuratio
>files, etc. that modules can get at.

Um, I know the loader can load arbitrary files in the kernel space
with its '-t' option (the splash screen actually uses it to load a
bitmap). But, can kldload do similar thing?  It donesn't look it


>Just pointing out that userland is not the only way of achieving your goals.

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