Mark Valentine wrote:
> Recent enabling of -D_FFR_TLS_O_T in revision 1.18 of src/etc/mail/Makefile
> doesn't seem to sit well with access_db disabled; there are references to
> the LookUpDomain ruleset which seem to need protected by _ACCESS_TABLE_ in
> src/contrib/sendmail/cf/m4/proto.m4, but aren't, unless I'm missing something
> (very possible at this time of the morning, but I thought I'd shoot this
> e-mail off quickly due to this being a potential MFC'd FreeBSD 4.4 problem).
> A very brief perusal of the mailing lists didn't show anything except that PR
> conf/28361 is somewhat related.

FFR means "For Future Release".  It may very well be that the
feature you are trying to enable is incompletely or unportably
implemented right now... missing dependency relationships are
probably the very least of your worries.

-- Terry

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