I'm getting a strange problem in the NFS file locking code in -current.
(We won't talk about -stable.  It has fundamental brokenness.)

FreeBSD -current Server -> Solaris 8 Rel 4/01 Client

The Solaris client mounts the FreeBSD exported filesystem fine.  I can
create, delete, and manipulate files fine.

However, when I try to use fcntl to lock a file, the Solaris client hangs.
Normally, I would just let this go; however, Cadence (the VLSI CAD tool
company) requires locks to work in order to use its tools.  Therefore, I
can't use FreeBSD as a fileserver in my environment.

If I monitor the traffic on the line with ethereal, I see the request for
the version 4 nlockmgr from the Solaris client to the FreeBSD server.  I
see the FreeBSD server respond with the correct version and port.
However, after this, I start seeing a bunch of SYN/RST packets being
thrown around, and I never see a lock request initiated from the Solaris

It is certainly conceivable that there is something fundamentally broken
in the Solaris code even though it works with other Solaris machines.
However, I'm a bit out of my depth on this and was hoping to be able to
talk to somebody and either get a confirmation that this is a known
problem or that it is something that I'm doing wrong in my configuration.

Who do I talk to about this?

Andy L.

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