> The Solaris client mounts the FreeBSD exported filesystem fine.  I can
> create, delete, and manipulate files fine.
> However, when I try to use fcntl to lock a file, the Solaris client hangs.
> Normally, I would just let this go; however, Cadence (the VLSI CAD tool
> company) requires locks to work in order to use its tools.  Therefore, I
> can't use FreeBSD as a fileserver in my environment.
> If I monitor the traffic on the line with ethereal, I see the request for
> the version 4 nlockmgr from the Solaris client to the FreeBSD server.  I
> see the FreeBSD server respond with the correct version and port.
> However, after this, I start seeing a bunch of SYN/RST packets being
> thrown around, and I never see a lock request initiated from the Solaris
> client.

Who is sending the RST's? (= the connection you are attempting
                             to use does not exist)
Who is sending the SYN's? (= I am attempting to establis a new

This may be related to the "secure" initial sequence number
generation algorithm FreeBSD uses; there have been several
fixes that have backed this out in various branches.

It may also be that your FreeBSD box is multihomes, and you
are sending the response on an interface different that the
one it was received on (and thus different than the IP address
the client is expecting, so the client believes it's a spoof

You should be able to fix this by setting up an explicit route
on the FreeBSD box, and potentially the Sun box, depending on
how arcane your network setup is.

-- Terry

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