On Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 02:06:58AM -0700, Dima Dorfman wrote:
> I've imported the libmp-in-terms-of-OpenSSL library and connected it
> to the build.  I've also disconnected libgmp and friends from the
> build, but have not `cvs rm`'d it yet.  Assuming no problems turn up,
> I plan to do that in two or three days.  The only program that use
> libmp that I haven't been able to test is the Kerberized telnet, but
> since it's the same code as the other telnets, there shouldn't be any
> problems.

When Mark and I talked about this a few months ago, we concluded that
we'd have to first break out the (self-contained) bignum lib from the
openssl code so it's available without the crypto source code
installed.  This would involve a repo copy of crypto/openssl/crypto/bn
to contrib/openssl-bn or something, and I'd keep the two in sync with
future vendor imports.


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