On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Terry Lambert wrote:

> The reason for this is that the pam code for doing the enforcement
> is being trusted utterly.  In the past, we would consider both
> the primary group (the group from the passwd file entry), and the
> auxillary groups (the groups from the groups file entries, if any),
> as synonymous.  With the pam code being used, we no longer consider
> the primary group to be on the same par as the groups file entries.

I can pin this down at r1.26 of su.c
(Mon May 25 03:34:52 1998 UTC (3 years, 2 months ago) by steve)

Prior to this date only appearance in /etc/group was considered.

The change occurred in response to PR bin/6696

Like terry, I prefer the semantics whereby the users primary
group is considered. Three years of precedent should be sufficient
to have this change to pam_wheel.c, I hope, before PAM use in su
is MFC'd.

I have just entered a PR on this.

cc'd to: markm


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