At 11:29 AM -0400 8/16/01, Robert Watson wrote:
>This is way cool stuff.  I assume these are done based on i386 stack frame
>layouts?  Running on other platforms will result in different alignment
>(minor issue, as most of the time it will just be a few bytes here or
>there), and some different code (specifically, alpha/, ia64/, etc).
>Together with functional cross-compiling, this could be a very useful tool
>indeed.  Perhaps someone on the alpha side could do the same test run on
>that platform?

Also, the number of registers and compiler flags such as optimization will
cause different register spills to occur. You can't just count up the bytes
by looking at the code, it needs to be done in the compiler alongside
register allocation. I know we only recommend -O compilations but other
flags could affect the count.


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