On Wednesday, 15 August 2001 at 19:17:47 +0200, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Ju
> lian Elischer writes:
>> the lack of subdirectory support is a pitty.
> There is support for subdirectories:
>       ls -la /dev/fd

What am I supposed to see there?  I get three character devices, all
mounted on /dev directly.  In any case, what devfs has is support for
names with / in them.  It violates POLA and causes serious problems in
third party software.  I think that you should implement

>> it was a primary design goal in the previous devfs and its
>> disappearance caught me by surprise. (the support I mean)
> The ability to not panic left, right and centre was a primary
> design goal of this devfs and its absense in the previos devfs
> caught be by surprise.  (The lack of support as well).

In view of the fact that this thread is about deficiencies in your
devfs, this is particularly uncalled for.  One of the reasons that
Julian's devfs never got debugged was that you had made it very clear
from the start that it would be removed.

And in general, can we stop the high incidence of mud-slinging we've
seen on the lists lately?

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