* Kazutaka YOKOTA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010818 03:02] wrote:
> I posted the following message in the stable ML the other day, but got
> no response.  So, I will post it here again.
> Please follow the thread "PATCH: syscons.c sysctl for PC-Reboo Keys"
> in the stable ML for background information on this subject.

I really like this, however I think that the sysctl section is
a bit too complicated, even though it's somewhat gross it would
make sense to have:


where the user can choose to assign 0xff to enable all, or leave it
at zero to leave them all disabled.

In fact if you're up to the work, you could make several sysctl_proc
nodes for each 'harmful' key such that it updates the bitmask 
'machdep.enable_harmful_keys' when set.


etc.  Oh, why put it under 'machdep'?  It may be machine dependant
which keys are used however the result is them same, hence the
'kern.console' or maybe even just a new sysctl subtree 'console'?


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