>I really like this, however I think that the sysctl section is
>a bit too complicated, even though it's somewhat gross it would
>make sense to have:
>where the user can choose to assign 0xff to enable all, or leave it
>at zero to leave them all disabled.
>In fact if you're up to the work, you could make several sysctl_proc
>nodes for each 'harmful' key such that it updates the bitmask 
>'machdep.enable_harmful_keys' when set.

My intention was that we shall not have too many sysctl variables and
kernel options.

In order to present friendly interface to this sysctl variable, we can
have a variable in /etc/rc.conf,

disable_harmful_keys="reboot halt powerdown panic"
(or enable_harmful_keys="debug")

and a script in /etc/rc.syscons to process it.

We can also add new options to kbdcontrol.

kbdcontrol -E debug
kbdcontrol -D reboot -D halt -D powerdown -D panic
(or kbdcontrol -D "reboot halt powerdown panic")

>etc.  Oh, why put it under 'machdep'?  It may be machine dependant
>which keys are used however the result is them same, hence the
>'kern.console' or maybe even just a new sysctl subtree 'console'?

I thought device driver related variables are under `machdep', aren't
they?  Also note that they key actions are for syscons, not for pcvt.

Oh, well.  Looking at `sysclt -a' now, we don't appear to be following 
strict rules...

I like "kern.console".


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