I was doing some things in libalias when something caught my eye,

  $ cat alias.c
  /* -*- mode: c; tab-width: 8; c-basic-indent: 4; -*- */

   * Copyright (c) 2001 Charles Mott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   * All rights reserved.
   [snip usual BSD licence legalese and comments about the code.]

      This software is placed into the public domain with no restrictions
      on its distribution.

This is contained in several files in there.

This is a contradiction. Public domain software can't also have
copyright notices and a bunch of license disclaimers. The BSD-style
copyright header was added back in June. You can't just take something
in the public domain and slap a copyright on it, but IANAL.

Still, the comments in the code as written are self-contradictory. It
can't have a BSD-license _and_ be public domain. And since again
IANAL, I am not saying which needs to stay or which needs to go, but
one of those statements does.
Crist J. Clark                           [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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