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| This is my fault.  Charles gave me permission to change these files 
| to a BSD license a while ago.  It looks like I got it wrong :-/
| I'll fix it now.

Well since copyright was abandoned (being placed into the public domain is
abandonment of copyright), the changed file can be copyrighted by whomever 
makes changes. The new file is then covered by the license from that point

If Charles was the copyright holder and licensed them to you under a BSD 
license then the license still holds (but, not if they were already 
Public Domain, since you don't need permission if they're abandoned, and
Charles no longer holds copyright anyway). This is true even if they are 
subsequently released to the public domain, although Charles would probably 
have no recourse if you broke your license with him d8)

Charles probably didn't want to really put his code into the public domain, 
and as it seems Charles has licensed the code under a BSDL to us, the 
license in the file is correct.

Check with Charles to see if he really wants to abandon copyright claims
to his code, or whether he was really implying some really liberal open source 

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