> >>> IWASAKI-san wrote:
> > I think your NotePC doesn't have _S1_ object in ACPI data block.
> > Plese check `acpidump | grep _S1' to see if _S1_ object is there.
> No, there isn't _S1_ object.

Yup, it has only S0, S3, S4 and S5.  No S1 on your NotePC.

> > Maybe yours has other _Sx_ object (such as _S3_ for Sleep State 3,
> > meaning suspend in APM term).
> > And could you send us acpidump output from PCG-C1VSX/K? 
> I attach those.
> Now acpiconf -s 3 doesn't work well. After resume,
> LCD doesn't recover, but Ctrl-Alt-Delete does shutdown.
> (Doesn't reboot, so I had to press power button after that.)
> I also attach related log.

Hmmm, _WAK method checks OS type (in CKOS method) and skips calling
PHS(0xe1).  I suspect that this is needed to be done after wakeup.
i.e. the OS which have `FreeBSD' as ACPI_OS_NAME might have problems
on your NotePC's ACPI.

Try running `amldb PCG-C1VSXK.dsdt' to see what happen on Windows NT...
# Yes, amldb has string "Microsoft Windows NT" in _OS_ object for this
# purpose :-)


I've found another problem; RTC interrupts are disabled after wakeup
on some machines.  And statclock() never be called after that.  I hope
I can fix this soon.

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