I just upgraded to the latest sources (two hours ago) on my VAIO laptop and
I'm now getting dozens of messages:

Aug 22 15:00:07 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: usb0: interrupt, but not for us
Aug 22 15:00:51 sidhe last message repeated 8 times
Aug 22 15:03:02 sidhe last message repeated 19 times
Aug 22 15:12:59 sidhe last message repeated 92 times

Any idea?

I also got an error where pccardd tried to attach my pcmcia card two times
and it hung there.

Aug 22 13:45:07 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: ata0: resetting devices .. done
Aug 22 13:45:09 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: sio1 at port 0x2f8-0x2ff iomem 
0xd4000-0xd4fff irq 11 slot 0 on pccard0
Aug 22 13:45:09 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: sio1: type 16550A
Aug 22 13:45:09 sidhe pccardd[232]: sio1: TOSHIBA (SLIMV90) inserted.
Aug 22 13:45:09 sidhe pccardd[232]: sio1: TOSHIBA (SLIMV90) removed.
Aug 22 13:45:14 sidhe pccardd[232]: Card "TOSHIBA"("SLIMV90") [REV#1 0] 
[4T129000000LXX] matched "TOSHIBA" ("SLIMV90") [(null)] [(null)] 
Aug 22 13:45:19 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: sio3 at port 0x2e8-0x2ef iomem 0xd400
0-0xd4fff irq 11 slot 0 on pccard0
Aug 22 13:45:19 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: sio3: type 16550A
Aug 22 13:45:19 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: pcic0: Interrupt already established, 
possible multiple attach bug.
Aug 22 13:45:19 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: pcic0: Interrupt already established, 
possible multiple attach bug.
Aug 22 13:45:19 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: sio3: could not activate interrupt

Complete dmesg follows.
Copyright (c) 1992-2001 The FreeBSD Project.
Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
        The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #4: Wed Aug 22 12:25:59 CEST 2001
    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/src/src/sys/i386/compile/nSIDHE
Timecounter "i8254"  frequency 1193182 Hz
CPU: Pentium II/Pentium II Xeon/Celeron (364.74-MHz 686-class CPU)
 Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0x66a  Stepping = 10
real memory  = 201261056 (196544K bytes)
avail memory = 192356352 (187848K bytes)
Preloaded elf kernel "kernel" at 0xc0351000.
Preloaded elf module "vesa.ko" at 0xc035109c.
Preloaded elf module "if_ppp.ko" at 0xc0351138.
Preloaded elf module "ums.ko" at 0xc03511d8.
Preloaded elf module "random.ko" at 0xc0351274.
Pentium Pro MTRR support enabled
VESA: v2.0, 2496k memory, flags:0x0, mode table:0xc03203a2 (1000022)
VESA: MagicGraph 256 AV 48K
Using $PIR table, 7 entries at 0xc00fdf50
apm0: <APM BIOS> on motherboard
apm0: found APM BIOS v1.2, connected at v1.2
npx0: <math processor> on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface
pcib0:<Intel 82443BX host to PCI bridge (AGP disabled)> at pcibus 0 on motherboard
pci0: <PCI bus> on pcib0
pci0: <network, ethernet> at 6.0 (no driver attached)
isab0: <PCI-ISA bridge> at device 7.0 on pci0
isa0: <ISA bus> on isab0
atapci0: <Intel PIIX4 ATA33 controller> port 0xfc90-0xfc9f at device 7.1 on pci0
ata0: at 0x1f0 irq 14 on atapci0
ata1: at 0x170 irq 15 on atapci0
uhci0:<Intel 82371AB/EB (PIIX4) USB controller> port 0xfca0-0xfcbf irq 9 at dev
ice 7.2 on pci0
usb0: <Intel 82371AB/EB (PIIX4) USB controller> on uhci0
usb0: USB revision 1.0
uhub0: Intel UHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub0: 2 ports with 2 removable, self powered
pci0: <bridge, PCI-unknown> at 7.3 (no driver attached)
pci0: <display, VGA> at 8.0 (no driver attached)
pci0: <multimedia, audio> at 8.1 (no driver attached)
pci0: <serial bus, FireWire> at 9.0 (no driver attached)
pci_cfgintr_unique: hard-routed to irq 9
pci_cfgintr: 0:10 INTA routed to irq 9
pcic0: <Ricoh RL5C475 PCI-CardBus Bridge> irq 9 at device 10.0 on pci0
pcic0: PCI Memory allocated: 0x44000000
pccard0: <PC Card bus (classic)> on pcic0
pci0: <simple comms> at 11.0 (no driver attached)
orm0: <Option ROMs> at iomem 0xc0000-0xcbfff,0xdc000-0xdffff on isa0
atkbdc0: <Keyboard controller (i8042)> at port 0x60,0x64 on isa0
atkbd0: <AT Keyboard> irq 1 on atkbdc0
psm0: <PS/2 Mouse> irq 12 on atkbdc0
psm0: model GlidePoint, device ID 0
pmtimer0 on isa0
sc0: <System console> on isa0
sc0: VGA <16 virtual consoles, flags=0x200>
sio0 at port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on isa0
sio0: type 16550A
sio2 at port 0x3e8-0x3ef irq 5 on isa0
sio2: type 16550A
vga0: <Generic ISA VGA> at port 0x3c0-0x3df iomem 0xa0000-0xbffff on isa0
unknown: <PNP0c02> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0303> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0501> can't assign resources
unknown: <SMCf010> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0f13> can't assign resources
IPsec: Initialized Security Association Processing.
IP Filter: v3.4.20 initialized.  Default = pass all, Logging = enabled
ad0: 6194MB <TOSHIBA MK6412MAT> [13424/15/63] at ata0-master UDMA33
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad0s1a
linprocfs registered
Ollivier ROBERT  -=-  Eurocontrol EEC/ITM  -=-  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
FreeBSD caerdonn.eurocontrol.fr 5.0-CURRENT #46: Wed Jan  3 15:52:00 CET 2001

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