Same thing here, started with the build this morning...

I know of one change that had been done in the past 36 hours to usb, but it should not 
have done this, as the patches I was using 
didn't produce this before the committer committed the patches.

Maybe something else got changed as well?

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov wrote:

> Ollivier Robert writes:
>  > I just upgraded to the latest sources (two hours ago) on my VAIO laptop and
>  > I'm now getting dozens of messages:
>  > 
>  > Aug 22 15:00:07 sidhe /boot/kernel/kernel: usb0: interrupt, but not for us
>  > Aug 22 15:00:51 sidhe last message repeated 8 times
>  > Aug 22 15:03:02 sidhe last message repeated 19 times
>  > Aug 22 15:12:59 sidhe last message repeated 92 times
> Have same problem on VAIO, on fresh sources.
>  > Any idea?
>  > 
>  > I also got an error where pccardd tried to attach my pcmcia card two times
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