> The fact that the data is less than a page in size matters little
> to the bus dma concept.  In other words, how is this packet presented
> to the hardware?  Does it care that all of the component pieces are
> < PAGE_SIZE in length?  Probably not.  It just wants the list of
> address/length pairs that compose that packet and there is no reason
> that each chunk needs to have it own, and potentially expensive, dmamap.

Maybe, but bus_dmamap_load() only lets you map one buffer at a time.
I want to map a bunch of little buffers, and the API doesn't let me
do that. And I don't want to change the API, because that would mean
modifying busdma_machdep.c on each platform, which is a hell that I
would rather avoid.

> >Why can't I just call bus_dmamap_load() multiple times, once for
> >each mbuf in the mbuf list?
> Due to the cost of the dmamaps, the cost of which is platform and
> bus-dma implementation dependent - e.g. could be a 1-1 mapping to
> a hardware resource.  Consider the case of having a full TX and RX
> ring in your driver.  Instead of #TX*#RX dmamaps, you will now have
> three or more times that number.
> There is also the issue of coalessing the discontiguous chunks if
> there are too many chunks for your driver to handle.  Bus dma is
> supposed to handle that for you (the x86 implementation doesn't
> yet, but it should) but it can't if it doesn't understand the segment
> limit per transaction.  You've hidden that from bus dma by using a
> map per segment.

Ok, a slightly different question: what happens if I call
bus_dmamap_load() more than once with different buffers but with
the same dmamap?

> >(Note: for the record, an mbuf list usually contains one packet
> >fragmented across multiple mbufs. An mbuf chain contains several
> >mbuf lists, linked together via the m_nextpkt pointer in the
> >header of the first mbuf in each list. By the time we get to
> >the device driver, we always have mbuf lists only.)
> Okay, so I haven't written a network driver yet, but you got the idea,
> right? 8-)

Just don't get 3c509 and 3c905 misxed up and we'll be fine. :)

> >- Added routines to allocate a chunk of maps in a singly linked list,
> >  from which the other routines can grab them as needed.
> Are these hung off the dma tag or something?  dmamaps may hold settings
> that are peculuar to the device that allocated them, so they cannot
> be shared with other clients of bus_dmamap_load_mbuf.

It's a separate list. The driver is reponsible for allocating the
head of the list, then it hands it to bus_dmamap_list_alloc() along
with the required dma tag. bus_dmamap_list_alloc() then calls
bus_dmapap_create() to populate the list. The driver doesn't have
to manipulate the list itself, until time comes to destroy it.


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