>In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Kazutaka YOK
>OTA writes:
>: Shouldn't we just suppress the message?  It just confuses users.
>: The attached patch will print this message only when we boot
>: the kernel by 'boot -v'.
>They are there to remind certain folks that the ISA PnP code is broken 
>slightly and to please fix :-).  If we get closer to 5.0 RC1, then

Um, we see these messages not only because our ISA PnP driver needs
some update, but also because we create ISA device instances TWICE for
each motherboard ISA devices, such as sio and atkbdc, due to

We need to have /boot/device.hints for those systems without PnP BIOS.
On the system with the PnP BIOS, we shall have one ISA device instance
(say, sio0) created by the isahint driver based on hints described in
/boot/device.hints, and the pnpbios driver will create another
instance (sio%d) for the very same device, based on information from
the PnP BIOS.  Then, we will see "unknown: <PNPXXX> can't assing
resources" when the second device instance is probed. This happens
even if the device driver understands PnP IDs.


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