Comparative times for 'make buildworld'
for unmodified and KSE (milestone-2) kernels

unmodified -current
2138.464u 3358.378s 1:37:39.77 93.8%    842+1080k 45105+176988io 3208pf+0w
modified KSE kernel
2143.716u 3363.311s 1:37:50.33 93.8%    841+1081k 45435+176988io 3214pf+0w

I'm very glad to see that the overhead added was not too great.
(well within the margin of error I'm sure)

Same system, same source tree, just different kernel.
/usr/obj was deleted before the previous reboot in both cases.
Stdout not redirected, running via ssh from another machine.
No soft-updates.

ref4# size /k* (GENERIC config)
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
3180804  275436  350612 3806852  3a1684 /kernel.normal
3188036  275436  350836 3814308  3a33a4 /kernel.kse
My guess is that the size increase in the text area
is due to the extra code here and there to take the extra dereference
from (p) to (td->td_proc) and the places where
there is both a td variabel and a p variable. (with extra code
to initialise them) 
Possibly an extra 1K for code to initialise the more complicated structures too.
More actual code will be needed to get away from 1:1, so this is just a

the next steps are for us a s a groupt to decide if this is really the way we
want to go,
and if so, whether we want to commit these changes to make them available for
the world
to work on as a base for real threading support. The alternative is to 
do linux-type threading with processes (peter wemm has been investigating a
on this scheme).  This is probably a no-turning-back commit.

It's presently checked in on the FreeBSD p4 tree based on freefall,
so it's safe, but we need to make a decision on where it goes next.

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