On 27-Aug-01 Jim Bryant wrote:
> As I recall, *total* "functionality" of the subsystems wasn't promised for
> 5.0-R, but the infrastructure *was* promised.  I expect 
> you are reponding to my post in the other thread...

Grr, do you develop software?  Hmm, well, no matter what you do, I'm sure we
can come up with an example of having two enormous changes being made at the
same time.  It's painful, it's more painful than doing them one at a time. 
Right now the patchset is indeed benign, but trying to split up KSE's at the
same time as the kernel is being ripped apart to be locked down is going to
cause much frustration with things breaking due to weird combinations of things
that worked fine in each other's local trees.
> Nobody is expecting a kick-butt implementation to just spring from the head
> of Zeus, but the infrastructure should be in place so 
> that a kick-butt implementation can be made from it in the time that follows.
> With the infrastructure in place, we can probably 
> expect a good implementation by 5.1-R, if it doesn't get committed at this
> stage, Julian will be lucky to get it in by 6.0-R, and I 
> bet all the same arguments against will come up then as well.

Why in the world would people protest putting KSE in 6.0?  5.0 is close to
release here, and the idea is that SMPng will be much farther along so that the
pain won't be as great if we wait until 6.0-current.

> My response to the other gentleman were to address his comments that FreeBSD
> should not even hit the goals it had set initially for 
> 5.0.  I disagree with those arguments completely.

If a task takes X amount of effort, and you only have Y < X amount of effort to
expend, then you aren't going to achieve the task.  You can't change that by
decreeing that this feature adn that feature will be in FreeBSD at such and
such a date because Jordan said so 2 years ago.  Do you realize how long it has
taken commercial OS's with several full-time _paid_ employees to achieve the
same tasks we are doing in SMPng and KSE?  My best guess is that SMPng won't be
finished for at least 2 years, and that is not taking KSE into account.  In
truth, SMPng has up to this point been largely infrastructure work, and there
is still infrastructure work to be done at that.  Perhaps I'm being
uber-paranoid about this.  *sigh*


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