> From my perspective, negative functionality is being lost.  There is a 
> nice comment in the source code explaining what it is...

>           * Enable workarounds for certain chip revision deficiencies.
>           *
>           * Systems based on the ICH2/ICH2-M chip from Intel have a defect
>           * where the chip can cause a PCI protocol violation if it receives
>           * a CU_RESUME command when it is entering the IDLE state.  The
>           * workaround is to disable Dynamic Standby Mode, so the chip never
>           * deasserts CLKRUN#, and always remains in an active state.
>           *
>           * See Intel 82801BA/82801BAM Specification Update, Errata #30.

Will the card be able to function in suspend mode and do Wake-on-LAN
correctly after this?


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