> > >  - I pushed the power button, and my system shut down cleanly!
> > 
> > > Yes.  ACPI brings some useful new features. 8)
> > 
> > FSVO ``useful''.  It's a real PITA to have to physically unplug the
> > machine when the kernel is wedged rather than have the power button
> > turn off the power.  (The machine in question does not have a reset
> > switch.)  As a sometime developer, I may well have a reason to power
> > the system off without performing any kind of shutdown.
> Most systems with soft power will perform a hard powerdown if you hold
> down the power button for a sufficiently long period of time (10 - 20
> seconds).

Actually, it's typically somewhere between four and five.  The spec 
mandates not less than four.

Personally, as a sometime developer, I'd get a reset switch.  Power 
cycling your system is Bad.

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